Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mi Casa Esta Sucio!

Mneumonic devices I used to learn Spanish vocabulary today:

- poder: sounds like POTUS, the president is a capable dude who [helps] make laws-->to do/to make
- miedo: it's a small cute-sounding word, cute little girls scare easily-->fear
- pedir: sounds like peddlers, peddlers are always asking for your money-->to ask
- escoger: sounds kinda like escargot, which I would never choose to eat-->to choose
- quejarse: it's jarring when people complain a lot-->to complain
- firmer: a firm deal needs a signature-->to sign
- poner: when you pwon someone you put then in their place-->to put
- traer: traders bring goods from here to there-->to bring
- bastante: when you call someone a bastard it means you've had enough-->enough
- fracasar: when diplomacy fails there's gonna be a fracas-->to fail
- alegrar(se): sounds like allegro, which is a word I like, liking stuff makes me happy-->to make happy (this one was a stretch, clearly)
- demorar: I find delays demoralizing-->to delay
- coger: [dirty] old codgers are always trying to grab at you-->to grab, to catch
- debajo de: to be debased is to be lowered-->below/beneath
- encima de: exema is on top of my skin-->on top of
- junta de: ...junta is the NEXT TO worst form of government? I got nothing-->next to
- cambiar: I hate that they changed the blagues tordant on Carembars-->to change
- tal: something that's a TALl order is probably going to be SUCH a pain-->such, such a
- suelen: Americans often sue people-->often
- despues: Despite knowing it's wrong, I always procrastinate, procrastinating is putting off til later-->later
- pelear(se): P-Lazer had lazer guns, guns are for fighting-->to fight

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Frozen Spiderweb Leggies

Learnin' how to embed stuff. And spending way too much time on my professional development project. Sigh.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Where High Theory and Fan Fiction Meet

Five months of intense rhetorical study, and yet it took an afternoon of reading fan fiction to trigger the realization that I am and always have been firmly on the rhetoric-as-dialectical side of things. Goes to show, I guess, how very important a role extra-academic experience and thought plays in developing systems of belief about the world.

This is a particularly interesting epiphany for me as I suspect it'll help me put into words some of the annoyance I have with overly Aristotelian views of rhetoric - in which knowledge is only employed, never created. And also to reconcile the view of logic as a dominant/superior mode of persuasion with the importance of local situation. But then...I guess the remaining sticking point then is persuasion. Dialectic is by nature not persuasive. And I do think rhetoric is. Is it simply a midpoint, a question of attempting to persuade while also remaining open to the influence of identification? Hmm. Might (and I can't believe I'm typing this) have to dip into Perelman again...

What's the opposite of an eye for detail? it appears I've had my timestamp here set to Pacific time? Or maybe just some of the entries? Goddamnit. Now years from now when I try to use the timestamps from these posts to make an arguement about the pattern of my work habits I won't have a leg to stand on.

This is a small matter, I recongize. But still. Annoying.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Life After Prelims

So I passed. Cue great rejoicing. Although really, all I felt at the time was this distant, unreal sense that it was over and that no one would make me do it again. But I'm thawing out and waking up now, in part simply due to the passage of time but also through my slow reintegration into the world of the living. Here's a brief look at some of the things I've done since Wednesday afternoon that I probably could not have done before:

* Had friends over to hang out and drink wine.
* Put in contact lenses to teach. (My students were adorably/annoyingly confused by this change - "can you just like, not see, or are you wearing contacts?")
* Happy hour and last-minute dinner with fellow comp/rhet-ers
* Spoken to my immediate family on the phone 5+ times.
* Spent the night somewhere other than my own apartment.
* Made an extensive set of playlists for things like Singing Along, Rediscovering Classics, and Rocking Out.
* Cleaning. Hours of cleaning. Totally overhauled my room and brought the bathroom back from the brink of alarming. Words cannot express the catharsis.
* Had a major singalong while doing aforementioned cleaning.
* Began constructing a list of my favorite Community episodes. (Harder than one might think!)
* Big celebratory dinner out with friends and drinks and delightfulness

And that's not even touching all the things I did in the two weeks between passing in and the defense that I could not have done before finishing the essays. It's been a really...expansive few weeks. I'm reclaiming my life, my time, my priorities, and it's still unclear how they'll be redistributed. But I'm not to worried. I am so much more alert to what and who is around me, so much more able to reach in and put a hand on the core of myself...I don't know. I can't quite explain it. It's like before, I couldn't contextualize anything that happened to me in the personal realm with any depth or accuracy. I had truisms and gut reactions, but that was about it. And now I once again have intuition, hindsight, educated speculation, and confidence with which to assess events.

Confidence. God, I've missed you. Confidence isn't even the right word exactly. It's...the sense of myself. The knowledge I've built over 27+ years of who I am and what I can (and can't) do. What I'll always be and what could change over time. It's similar to what I felt on my road trip summer of 2010, just in a lower-key and less dramatically exciting vein - that slow realization that everything I was before is still there if I reach for it. I can't head off on a major adventure now like I did then, sadly - but it seems like I'll find other ways to accomplish the same kind of breaking with status quo that may be just as effective. Things to collide with that highlight the rest of me, the parts that have been in cold storage for the past 5 months. I love new people and new situations. I am energized by the right kind of challenge to my non-academic abiities. I am not as uptight and old and inexorably set on the path to traditional middle-class academic life as I might sometimes feel or fear.

I'm still the same as I've always been. If anything I'm better - just out of practice. I can have what I want. I can surprise myself. I can be the friend/daughter/sister/niece I want to be. And I can win battles no one's even expecting me to fight in.

But bottom line: I'm alive again. And it's going to be awesome.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Big D

Defense is tomorrow at 1pm. I actually...can't wait. Well I mean, I can - still gotta type up an opener and some ref notes. But I'm ready for this. Bring it.
And now, for the record's sake, my paraphrasings of the questions I was sent as prep:

* What role do binaries play in my own answers (V/V, Acad/public, lit/oral, theo/prac, etc)? BC dude girl, you talked about them a lot.
* What's the value of imbalance? How would I reply to challenge that rhet/ped/etc are most "generative" when out of balance?
* Why "Contemporary Writing" as a term/label?
* Is print comp conservative by nature?
* What's up with Design as rhetorical?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's become clear that this is the darkest timeline

From a GChat convo with Justin S. tonight:

Justin: Heh
I miss 9-5, no lie
You get shit done
And more importantly
Then you're done
me: yup
for this reason my holy grail is a strict personal schedule
so i could once again feel entitled to relax fully that was at established times
...that's the worst thing i have ever written
18 year old me is crying her face off right now